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Getting a Mortgage Is Not for Amateurs
How many times will you apply for a mortgage over the course of your life? Whatever the answer, it’s a sure bet that you won’t do it enough to become good at it. You won’t know all the different types of mortgages available. You won’t know how your application for a mortgage will be received or processed. You won’t even know how much of a mortgage you may be eligible to receive.
What Should I Know About My Mortgage Loan Officer?
What you really need is an expert to help you through the complete mortgage application process. That expert is a mortgage loan officer. There are many loan officers to choose from, but how do you find an experienced loan officer in Alabama? You find the best one for you by asking questions. Selecting a loan officer is not much different than selecting a real estate agent or building contractor. Here are some questions you want to ask:
How long have you been a loan officer? You want someone with a lot of experience guiding you through the mortgage application maze.
Are you a full-time loan officer? This is part two of the first question. You will find people out there who have been loan officers for 20 years but their job as loan officer is only part-time. For example, people who only handle a few applications per month really can’t be considered heavily experienced no matter how many years they have been doing it.
Do you have experience with the kind of mortgage I want? This question is especially important if you are looking for an FHA or VA mortgage. These come with their own rules and application requirements that make them different and more difficult than conventional mortgages.
How can you help me? A good loan officer knows the mortgage market and knows how lending institutions review mortgage applications. With someone like that guiding the process it should be a smooth and uneventful.
Which Loan Officer Do I Call First?
The loan officer you select does not have to live in or near where you plan to relocate. However, if you find a good loan officer who knows your area well, that’s a bonus. The more information you can get about the area where you plan to move, the better off you are.
Where Should I Look?
If you want to find a loan officer in Alabama, Home Mortgage of America, Inc. is the place to call. We have experienced loan officers waiting to help you get through the mortgage application process. Call us at (800) 959-4059 or fill out the contact form and we will get right back to you.

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